Connect with your university.

The easy way to meet other Students.

Connect with your university.

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Meet your fellow students.

Just started studying? New to the city? Want to meet new students? Shy? Let’s get started!

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🏃🏾‍♀️ Doing Sports

🇪🇸 Language Exchange

🍔 Lunch Breaks

🎓 Mentoring

🤓 Study Groups

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Get to know lit parties, crazy job offers, possibilities to engage and much more.

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How Connou enhances your studylife

Uni Calendar

Create, join or just check out any events at your university. You are always on it, we promise.

Students Only

On our app you'll meet just students. Depending on your region we include serveral universities.

Be Connected

The easiest way to meet people at your university. The best thing, you'll have something in common.

Always Informed

With Connou you will be always up to date. We keep you posted with the most important stuff.

Let's Get Started

Let’s be honest. What’s life without nice people to share it with? Connou offers endless possibilities to meet other students. What are you waiting for?

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